jetsurf motorised surfing

Discover JetSurf, the new sensation in watersports !

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The biggest problem with surfing is the fact that it’s a lot of paddling, waiting and being in the right position, all to catch that one special wave. If you’re a beginner you might not even get on the wave. That’s where JETSURF comes in. It eliminates all of the painful parts of surfing and gets you right to where you want to be, with speeds up to 57km/h, its easy to get to those waves you’ll wanna hit. The future is now. A new division has been born in the world of surfing. A custom designed carbon fiber hull equipped with a 17hp, 6kg two-stroke engine, with which you can ride waves of all kind. Equipped with an exhaust system that works with back pressure of sound waves, unlike any engine in the market today. Which is making the JETSURF the greenest petrol driven personal watercraft in the world, producing only 210grams of CO2/hour at full speed.

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